Friday, 9 October 2009

Short story of the "Silver Short Stories" series

Once upon a time, when I started working as an illustrator, I explored the silhouette plasticity of positive and negative space. I could spend the whole day creating these little linked worlds.
Then one day, when I finished the couple inside the heart (in the image above) I thought it would look great as a pendant. This was the first moment jewellery got inside my mind.
I started looking for jewellery technical education to be able to make it myself.
In the learning process I was so excited about the possibilities of the metal working that I had new ideas to work on and put this initial idea into a drawer.
Now I feel it's time to take them out and see where they will lead me this time :)
You can find the beginning of the "Silver Short Stories" series in my DaWanda shop.
Hope you like it.

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