Thursday, 15 October 2009

Win the Ring to fit your state of mind - Contest

"Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. "
Mary Ellen Chase

Well, as Xmas is slowly comming our way, I've decided to anticipate it and give you a little scent of the season spirit.
So I'm giving you the chance to win one of these two handmade silver rings.
The first one is the "Ruins" Ring and you can see more info and photos HERE.
The second one is the "White Cherry Blossom" Ring and for more info and photos click HERE.
All you have to do is follow a few simple steps: first add yourself to my followers list on this blog, then follow my new fan page on facebook, follow me on twitter ( you can find the buttons in the right column of this page) and retweet this post as many time as you like. You can also share it with your friends on facebook or any other way, it's up to you :)
Last step: come back here and leave a comment telling me which ring would you choose for yourself and why.

And that's it. You can enter anytime until next wednesday and I will let you know the winner's name next thursday October 22.
The winner is picked from the comments, I'll verify if it's all ok and if I get more than one choice I'll choose the one with more rettwits.

Good Luck to all of you and thank you for participating!
Comments in english or portuguese, please.


Anonymous said...

já sabes que gosto muito do teu trabalho ;) especialmente as orelhas.
mas destes dois tenho de escolher a ruina porque me lembra um conto de fadas, dos que costumava ler e imaginar quando era pequena :)
segue-se uma twittada :D


Vanda said...

Oh, adoro, e não conhecia!

Já agora, já agora - :)

Kathleen Dalseno said...

you know I'm a fan of yours! I love both of them. In fact, my friend saw this and loved the ruins ring, but if I were to pick one, I would pick the cherry blossom ring. It's so feminine and fits my Asian identity very well. This ring will attract attention, and I can them them about you *wink* when they ask!!!

anapina said...

Incrível, já tinha cumprido todos os requisitos por iniciativa própria e não tinha reparado no giveaway! É bom sinal :)

Gosto muito do "ruins" - adoro aneis que se destaquem, agrada-me a textura e a originalidade da composição e enquanto arquitecta é um tema que me atrai muito.

Espero ter sorte :)

Mara said...

Good job. How to say .... Le chocolat au poivre et l'aliénation de coups puissants. Tir dans le nez et d'excitation. I like.

Silvia said...

Já sou uma fã... Até já tenho uma peça tua... Apenas desejo que o teu trabalho chegue ao maior número de pessoas, pois tu tens talento miúda!!!
Muita sorte, adoro o teu blogue.

Starseed said...

Hi Aurea! You have a nice blog so I have gladly choose to join the followers list, even before I red the instructions:)! For the Facebook and Tweeter, I am still not the member:(, I guess I can't qualify, but never mind, this is fun:)!

Florentina said...

Hello, Aurea and first of all congratulations for everything you do! I know it comes from the heart. Now, about the rings, the "White Cherry Blossom" would be the one closer to my soul.
Kisses from Romania!

Nauli said...

Dear Aurea,
thank you vor your personal invitation on Twitter. Nauli loves to follow you and your blog. As we don't have any facebook untill now, I'll add you with my personal account.
btw... I would love to win the White Cherry Blossom- Ring... rarely saw something beautiful like this!
Greetings from Germany

looka said...

My what a contest! First of all: I LOVE giveaways - GREAT! So now... for my RUINS entry :)even though I don't classify to enter, joining in is fun:

This ring is a striking piece of jewelry. Beyond it's sheer class as an object and as a design idea, it hits me as more than a simple ring to decorate my fingers with.
The delicate but solid crafting instantly brings many pictures to my mind:
The small window in the middle looks like the last point of a long lost outlook, maybe standing for something we hold on to even after all the motivations around it have fallen to flat ruins and we should have long moved on to new things - either in our emotional life or in our relations to others.
On a lighter thought, it also reminds me of the keyhole of a treasure chest, something I connect to mediaval castles. It can open us up again to long lost and burried ideas or feelings we have and get us on a new spree to dig further into our wishes.

Whew, so much for that, hahaha.

aurea praga said...

Many thanks to all of you for being a part of this :D
Maria, I've loved your work from the first moment I saw it, obrigada pelas twitadas.
Vanda, I've seen your project and it's great, depois havemos de falar melhor.
Kathleen, you're the biggest heart I've known lately, you spread beauty and joy around you.
Ana, your blog is inspiring to me, as imagens que partilhas fazem muito bem aos olhos :)
Mara, thank god for your healthy craziness my friend!
Silvia, I'm honoured that pair of earrings are worn by you, it looks perfect on your ears. See you around, sempre, espero.
Starseed, I'm glad I found your blog, it's so interesting seeing your inspirations and the final result.
Florentina, you are as bright as a crystal (got your blog too).
Nauli, special greetings from Portugal, I'll be seeing you :)
Looka, I should hire you to write my descriptions on dawanda, hehe. Loved your comment, it's poetry.

Later today....... the winner!