Friday, 30 October 2009

DaWanda [HandMade in Portugal]

Every Friday, from now until Christmas Eve, I'll be posting a selection of my favourite online handmade products.
Since I'm a portuguese in DaWanda, the first selection is dedicated to portuguese artists and foreign artists living in Portugal.
As I'm one of them, my ring is happily surrounded by these talented colleagues.
They are:
* MaryJohnofKings > Rhino brooch
* JessicaSimanowski > A Courageous Fish original painting
* eleanorot > Winter 09/10// red woolen dress
* NotAllThatGlitterIsGold > Floral bracelet
* An.A Design > Mini Felt Bag brooch
* TheGoldenPlague (it's me ;) > I'm All Ears [The Black Kitten] ring
You can click on the images or titles to get straight to the item's page with detailed info and more photos. Or you can click on the shops' names to go to their own spaces in Dawanda where you can find more about each one of them.
I hope you enjoy it!


NO said...

how beautiful!!! thank you soo much!!!!

Jessica Simanowski said...

Yayyy!! Beautiful work : )

Anonymous said...

Que bonitas escolhas.

Kathleen Dalseno said...


Susana said...

Tudo fantástico! E obrigada :)


Vi a tua loja em e decidi vir aqui espreitar. Sou a fã nº1 dos teus anéis com orelhitas. Espero que não te importes que publique um link para o teu blog!

aurea praga said...

Claro que não me importo :)
E também vou espreitar os teus sítios. Obrigada!