Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Micro Planets are Blooming!

I called these two pendants "Micro Planet's Bloom".
Handcrafted in sterling silver and pierced to make them visually lighter creating an interaction with the background colour. The thread is leather and you can adjust it as you wish.
Both of them are already available and you can see more photos and info at TheGoldenPlague, my DaWanda shop. Click HERE for the White one and HERE for the Black.


looka said...

OH! I love them! The white one is totally talking to me. I also like the pierced elements.

aurea praga said...

thanks looka, I've been working on these pieces for a quite a while but just now I got them right. I think that's when I feel them talking to me as well, hehe.

looka said...

I know how that feels, some things have their own time and language in making them.

I've seen the drawing for them in the shop pictures - great!