Friday, 4 December 2009

The Lac Teddy Ring > WIN IT!

It's true! You can actually win my Lac Teddy Ring Number 1.
Rush to Design for Mankind and all you have to do is leave a comment on the post there.
Maybe luck is just waiting to smile at you :)

For more info and photos of this unique piece click here.
Straight to the contest click here.


Euphoria13 said...

Hey! Please enter me in this contest! :)

aurea praga said...

Hey Euphoria13,
Click on the image or in the words "Design for Mankind" in this post and you'll get to the site. Then leave a comment there and you're in :)
You enter your email adress in the comment info and if you win it, they'll let you know.
Final results in a week.
Good luck!

Magpie Night said...

I entered! I would LOVE to win that ring!!!! Your jewelry is so beautiful - that would totally make my day.

Susana said...

Eu já deixei o meu comentário :D

aurea praga said...

Thanks, obrigada :D
Good luck e boa sorte!!!