Thursday, 17 December 2009

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was given this Beautiful Blogger Award last week (god, time flies) and here's my post about it as promised.
I was nominated by Magpienight, a crafty friend from Etsy, Twitter and Facebook (yes Maggie, now I'm also your fan on facebook ;)

The rules:
* Thank and link the person who nominated me for this award
* Copy the award & place it on my blog
* Nominate 7 blogs with links
* Tell you 7 interesting things about myself

And the nominations are (without any order of preference):
* A Handmade Revolution
* Nem Tudo O Que Luz É Ouro
* Nicola Reed
* Nauli
* Made By Fiera
* Vanilla Ink
* Sarah Finnigan Jewellery & Metalwork

And now for the random (I'm not quite sure about the interest of it) stuff about me:
* Cigarettes and chocolate milk are, in fact, a couple of my cravings as on that Rufus Wainwright song
* I always know where I'm going, but I'm constantly lost
* I'm a Gemini (both twins)
* I feed on chaos and beauty
* I've read The Satanic Verses twice
* Normal people scare me
* I want to believe

Well, that's it :D
Thank you Maggie!


magpienight said...

You're welcome! You deserve it. I've said it a million times but your jewelry is amazing, I love it.

PussDaddy said...



aurea praga said...

Thanks PussDaddy :) and thanks again Maggie (am I over thanking?)