Friday, 11 December 2009

The Copy [First Step]

This is the first post about my journey in the Jewellery Design Post Graduation.
I'll be sharing part of my process, doubts and inspirations along the way.
So, under the "Post Graduation Notes" label, here's the beginning.

"One thing grows from another, towards a new creation" Deganit Stern Schocken

Inspired by this concept, the first task for the Jewellery Design Laboratory class oriented by Leonor Hipólito, is choosing an object and copying it.
This was my choice.
In the front is the copy I made of the original shoe on the background.
Let's see where these paper and fimo heels will take me.


Candybabe said...

Espero que corra bem este trabalho...Quero ver mais!!!


aurea praga said...

hehehe, obrigada.
Vamos a ver...

Daniela said...

Que máximo! Acho que vão levar-te longe. Boa sorte!


aurea praga said...

Obrigada Daniela!
Não posso é correr muito para não tropeçar ;)