Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Warm In The Shadows


Recovering from the hard work for the presentation (I got to finish the necklace :D and post about it later when I organize the info about it) and now I'm seriously packing my endless stuff for I'm moving to a new home next week. So, I've been too busy to keep my blog updated.
Still, since last week I was featured in a couple of Etsy Treasuries and a blog.
Desire for Sunlight assembled by the amazing Nauli girls > click on the first picture to go to their facebook fanpage and take a look at their Treasuries.
Gold and Silver by dafnadagan > click on the second picture and you can still see it online, so you can leave a comment if you'd like.
And I was also featured in this brilliant blog The daily sardine > click in the picture bellow to get to my interview!
I'll be back soon with full strenght, but while I'm away, these rays of sunshine are keeping my heart warm :)
Thank you so very much!


ChicLisboa said...

aurea, descobri o seu trabalho através da loja portugal, mon amour e adoro! se me der permissão gostaria de falar usar as suas fotos para fazer um post no meu blog.

aurea praga said...

Claro que sim, fico muito contente!
Depois quero ir lá dar uma espreitadela ;)