Monday, 8 February 2010

The Storque > Opposites Attract

Ok my friends, I spent the whole afternoon working with the saw and my arms really hurt. I'm trying to finish a new piece that I have to present for my Post Grad this Friday (not sure I can (but must) have it finished on time :p). It's a necklace and I called it "Open Your Eyes". I'll post about it later, after the presentation.

So, as I was mentally rehearsing what to say about it to a bunch of people, I got home to find my Golden Kitten Ring in The Storque! For those of you who don't know it, The Storque is Etsy's Handmade Blog and it's the absolute first time I see one of my pieces featured in it! Thank you Emily!
And, by the way, yesterday I was featured again in Etsy Frontpage!

I'm now fighting a hard battle against time and decided to close my shops for a month or two. But you tell me, how can I?
It's like in that song "this odd diversity of misery and joy" ;)


Re:Design Technologies said...

Good luck on your post graduate presentation! I think that you will rock the house with you amazing talent.


Penelope Bridge

aurea praga said...

Thank you Penelope for the comforting words :D
I'll give it my best shot!