Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Golden Plague Spreaders

I just created an album in The Golden Plague facebook fan page where you can find some photos of those lovely creatures that wear the jewelry I make.
If you own a piece from The Golden Plague, you can send me some photos of you wearing it and I'll post it right there :)
This gorgeous creature is a friend of mine from another part of the world and she's the first model to spread this golden plague (This is not me, scouts honor).


Anonymous said...

Hi Aurea

This is such an amazing idea! I always wanted to see the kind of people who are wearing my work, always wishing I would catch a glimpse of them walking down the street with one of my pieces. It never happens! Asking people to send their pictures is a really nice idea and I love the concept behind it "the golden plague."

Your work is beautiful!

aurea praga said...

Thanks :)
I love to see how people use my creations. Sometimes they are the ones finishing my pieces. Adding new ways to use it. It's fun!