Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ó! for Awesome!

If you like illustration (is it possible not to like it?) you will love Ó! Galeria.
Ó! Galeria is an illustration gallery that gathers a massive collection of original work, prints, fanzines and other publications, tote bags, t-shirts and some curious objects from a lot of Portuguese illustrators (myself included) and some foreigners too.
If you come to Porto, here in Portugal, make sure to visit this place.
It's totally worth it!

At the time being, you can visit the summer collective exhibition - FEED ME! - that will be there until mid-September, so hurry up (don't worry that much, there's always something interesting happening in there).
For this summer exhibition, which revolves around recipes, my contribution was a colour pencil cracker sandwich to place on yourself.
It's called "My eatable self".

In the meantime, make sure to check out the auction that is taking place on Ó! Galeria facebook page tomorrow, the 30th August.
The piece being auctioned is one of my original illustrations from the "Grief" series (I'll be posting about this series one of these days).

And, by the way, don't forget to also check on the giveaway I'm promoting - A foxy gift!
You can still enter until saturday, the 31st August.
See you all soon :)


Candybabe said...

Ainda não conheço o novo espaço, estou muito curiosa :D

Aurea Praga said...

Tens de passar lá então, ficou lindo!