Tuesday, 14 June 2011

In the news(paper)!

This week started with some exciting news for this yours truly - the latest number of the newspaper from AORP is already available online and I'm featured under the title "Jewellery Land"!
(just click on the image above to flip the pages).

AORP is the Jewellery and Watchmaking Association of Portugal which supports several professionals in the jewellery field, such as manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, gemologists and designers. It's on their site that I check silver and gold prices regularly. Among other services, they offer legal advice to members, organize conferences and seminars and issue a newspaper every three months with varied and valuable info about the national and international jewellery context. The paper edition of the newspaper is distributed for free to members.
If you'd like to take a look at previous numbers of the newspaper, go here.

So, I was delighted when they contacted me for an interview and a photo shooting.
Below, you can see some of the photos taken by Silvia Silva (from AORP's Communication and Image Department) who is part of this great team.

The photo shooting took place at Bling Bling, a beautiful shop in the heart of Porto, where you can find my rings amongst a carefuly chosen selection of products from Portuguese designers.

And, by the way, did you notice that now I'm a cover girl? Oooooh coolness.
Hope everyone is doing great! See you soon :)



Anonymous said...

adorei! já li! parabéns querida

Bja, gabi

aurea praga said...

obrigada linda :) beijinho grande!

Anonymous said...

Parabéns minhamiga!!! adorei tudo...as fotos, o artigo...fico msm feliz por ti :) beijinho enorme

Candybabe said...

Parabéns!!! Adorei!!!!!
Adorei ver o teu trabalho reconhecido, ver as tuas peças e as fotografias estão lindas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Parabéns!!!! Fico muito feliz por ti!!! Que seja o inicio de um futuro brilhante :)
Beijinhos Sofia Couto

aurea praga said...

oohhh obrigadas :D agora é que vou trabalhar com tanto afinco!... com incentivos destes... beijinhos pra todas

Je suis une monstre said...

OH! I just read your interview on Ana Pina's blog - it was so interesting and inspiring - I want to learn to make jewellery with the wax carving technique! Your work is brilliant - your rings are so original and so FUN! I can't wait until your shop re-opens. Keep up the great work! Katie. xxx

aurea praga said...

Thank you so much, Katie :D
I'm really glad if I contributed to increase your desire to make jewellery.
I'm almost done with my thesis and I'll return to Etsy in a couple of weeks.

Nauli said...

Congratulations! Haven't been here since long... and really happy for you!