Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My first Etsy Treasury!

'Spring Time for a Blue Girl' by TheGoldenPlague

Now that lilacs are in bloom She has a bowl of lilacs in her room And twists one in his fingers while she talks. "Ah, my friend, you do not know, you do not know What life is, you who hold it in your hands". (T. S. Elliot)
















Althought I've been featured in a lot of Etsy Treasuries, I had never tried to make one of these themed selections before. This is my first and I'm still learning...
Anyways > Cheers!!


PussDaddy said...

You did a really nice job. It's pretty.


aurea praga said...

Thanks PussDaddy :)))

Shayla said...

Oh I love this treasury! Nice job! Glad to see some of Mab Graves' work on it. She is my favorite artist.

aurea praga said...

Thank you Shayla :)
I love her work too. Her shop is a real treasure! But your drawings are also pretty lovely (I took a peek ;)

Shelley Whiting said...

I love your art. It's gothic and haunting. Beautiful work.

aurea praga said...

Thank you so much Shelley :D