Friday, 30 April 2010

Over My Dead Body - The Remake

And this is a charcoal drawing, the one I was talking about at the end of my last post.
I guess some of you recognize this girl from the "Girls Are Weird" series.
The original drawings from this series are a size A4 or A5, made with sharped pencils or black ink pens. As I was working on the new series "Girls Are Weird [XL Pendant/XS Portrait]" and had to reduce it to fit the frame, at the same time I had this unbearable urge to enlarge it.
So, this one is around 140cm x 70cm.
I've used charcoal and red soft pastel and I made it for my house, but now I'm willing to remake all of them this big, giving the girls some new dresses from the 2010 collection (if you're getting shot in the head, at least you should be wearing a nice dress, don't you think so?) and giving their little friends some new flashy patterns.
For now, I'm deciding if this one is finished enough to varnish and we'll see.
Oh, by the way, I'm listing the "Girls Are Weird [XL Pendant/XS Portrait]" series on Etsy.
The first one Cut It All Off is already there, hopefully the other ones along the week.
And I'm starting on the previous orders I had while I was away.
Luckily the school work is not killing me by now, so I'll try to keep doing it all again :D
God, I missed the Etsy rush!


Moonangelnay on Etsy said...

gripping! i love the way you do hair... its so realistic! wonderful drawing

anapina said...

Beautiful drawing!
Love the hair, the dress, the bunny, and the shot in the head... I am attracted to weird girls, what can I do?... :)

aurea praga said...

Thank you girls :D